NYC Roofing Insurance Claims

We work to maximize your claim and minimize out of pocket expenditures

Unspotted Hail Damage Can shorten Your Roof by an Average Life-span by as – Much as 75%.

How can we help you?

Recommended steps:

1. Research your contractor: Make sure they are local and insured, also check their approval rating the Better Business Bureau (BBB) .

2. Choose the most experienced contractor: With extensive insurance claims background that will maximize your claim. Remember it is your home. You deserve full compensation for repairs.

3. You do need three “bids” to replace your roof: Sometimes insurances companies promote this tactic to save them. Your insurance company is responsible for paying the market rate for a quality roof installation! Choose a qualified company with attention to cleanliness, service and professionalism.

4. Your insurance company will not raise your rates for filing a roof claim caused by acts of God / mother nature: Your insurance rates may go up even if you never turned in claim. Rates go up by area.

5. If you have any questions please feel free to call: We would like the opportunity to talk with you and hear your concerns. We are a full-service company that can handle skylights roof repairs, replacements, and of course… insurance claims.

Let us handle your claim!