Shade Solutions

Shade Solutions

What style of patio or deck do you like for your home? Think about the current architectural style of the home to find the most natural deck style to complement the colors. We have a cocktail of options for you to consider and think that you will easily find something for a contemporary, rustic, modern, or modern shade.

Outdoor shades come in various forms because they should serve different purposes. Some have a solid cover to block off harsh sun rays and rain, while others serve a more decorative purpose and will only have grids and layered canopies that are delicate to the space.

Is It Possible To Build Your Patio Cover As A Custom Shade?

These styles vary because they use different materials, designs, and coverage structures. We can design a patio as specific and customized as you please and then show it to you, so you are satisfied before printing or producing them. There is no reason for forcing yourself to stay in because your existing shade is too light or does not cover the entire backyard. The solution is not to get the most boring installations from the cheapest contractor because we promise that you will wish you chose better after a while.

Our deck covers are designed to offer ample cooling and shading benefits while fitting a wide variety of functions like elevating the property’s aesthetics. The best covers are light in weight, durable, and can fend off the most intense heat as you impress your guests under the beautiful outdoor architecture. Keep reading to get a couple of ideas on the best shade solutions.

Design Inspirations For Patio Cover Solutions

Using A Shade Sail

The sail shade is the easiest of them all, and it is better to mix up the shade sail with a couple of other different styles. We have more attractive materials and poles to make your shade solutions more enticing than the simple DIY project.

Tiki Patio Cover

The tropical patio covers are more attractive because they add an exotic appeal to our outdoors. We may not get you the complete thatched roof, but we have enough design varieties to innovate a cover as close as possible to the tropical patio cover.

Consider A Pergola

The pergola keeps a solid shade and allows some warmth to reach down to you. We can design a partial pergola to cover a portion of the patio, so you can shift in between the different spaces as the sunrays change in direction and intensity through the day.

A Canopy Of Patio Cover Plans

A canopy of patio covers makes a beautiful addition to any yard. We can achieve a canopy of umbrella patio covers using a string of sturdy shades attached to the same pole. You can make the design even better by adding curtains on a shaded side or a gridded screen on one side using wood.

Everyone can find something they like from our shade covers, so feel free to go through our site and then contact us at 714-771-2108 for more information.

Shade Solutions